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Recruitment Manager
Release Date:2016/08/27Workplace:TongxiangNumber:1

Job nature: full time

Work experience: 5-10 years

Minimum education: Junior College

Job title: personnel management

Job responsibilities:

Recruitment plan

1, according to the company's human resources planning and the Department of human resources demand plan, to assist the Department Manager to develop staff recruitment plan;

2, regular or irregular conduct of internal and external analysis of human resources and employee needs survey, and employee needs analysis;

Two, recruitment channel management

1, the organization to develop and improve the effective recruitment channels, release recruitment information;

Three, recruitment process management

1, according to the job requirements of the resume screening, reasonable arrangement of job interview;

2, the organization and coordination of the pre employment test, interview, employment and other related work, timely grasp the results of the recruitment interview;

3, to carry out the recruitment of management personnel to provide policy, procedures and norms in terms of training and guidance;

4, responsible for the new employee entry formalities, contract and other related matters;

Four, Recruitment Information Management

1, all the candidates resume and relevant information file management, and the establishment of the candidates information database, the talent pool management;

Five, other

1, based on the HR planning, job analysis, prepare and update the job description;

Job requirements:

1, college degree or above, more than five years work experience;

2, the recruitment process is very familiar with the independent project operation experience;

3, strong communication skills, can thoroughly understand the needs of the various departments of human resources;

4, able to adapt to frequent travel.

Overseas sales manager
Release Date:2016/08/27Workplace:Shanghai / TongxiangNumber:6

Job nature: full time

Work experience: 5-10 years

Minimum education: Bachelor degree

Foreign Trade Area Manager / Supervisor

Operating duty:

1, combined with the company's marketing strategy and market conditions, the development and implementation of regional sales plan;

2, coordination and cooperation between the various departments within the factory work;

3, collect the demand information of products overseas market, peer competitor information, market analysis and research;

4, with the order execution, payment collection, order statistics, order planning and other matters;

5, expand the vacuum cleaner accessories retail sales of overseas markets;

6, to maintain the existing trade types of customers to follow up the development of new customers, to provide customers with professional solutions, and ultimately contribute to the achievement of sales targets;

7, the depth of mining potential customer demand;

Job requirements:

1, men and women are not limited, more than five years of foreign trade business market development experience;

2, bachelor degree or above, English level six or above, fluent in oral English;

3, Asia and Europe market channel sales experience.

(this position will be subject to three months of internship in Tongxiang)

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