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New technology for sewage treatment to save money for enterprises

2016-09-05 11:29:17 zhgl Read

The day before, the process improvement Tongxiang safe environmental protection science and technology limited company, using new technology to "package" in the form of a combination of tailored, sewage treatment works, for the enterprise to save money.

In late August, will be completed in the sewage treatment project of which we." Prior to the day, the reporter interviewed Sun Chenglei, deputy general manager of the company, he said, and now the company's implementation of the project is the use of new technology, compared with the original old technology, there is a clear advantage.

The old craft mentioned in his mouth is a double membrane method (ultrafiltration membrane and reverse osmosis membrane). It is understood that, with this method, the effect of sewage treatment is good, but it needs a large space, and the operating cost and the film consumption are larger, which will undoubtedly increase the cost of enterprise, is not easy to be popularized in small scale enterprises.

The new technology is using electrochemical reactor and MBR (membrane bioreactor) supporting way, not only small, and high efficiency, it can make the COD (chemical oxygen demand) standards, implementation of water reuse, at the same time for the printing and dyeing industry wastewater, and good color effect. More critical is that it can help companies save a lot of daily expenses. Sun Chenglei calculations, if a printing and dyeing enterprise daily processing 1000 tons of sewage, the traditional processing one ton of water to spend at least 4 yuan, and "Sai Fu" scheme provided by the operation of a ton of water costs 2 yuan (with the change of water quality and different, and the implementation of water reuse). Water reuse rate can reach more than 50%, every day can save half of the water, the industrial water is 1 yuan per ton, 3 yuan per ton of sewage charges, this adds up to a day can save at least half of the expenses, if things go on like this is a substantial amount of money.

In addition to this kind of collocation, according to customer needs and the nature of the enterprise, the company also provides with other processes. For example, in the electrochemical reactor and MBR based on the link, and then RO (reverse osmosis membrane) to be processed, the resulting water COD indicators in 10, the image of the process called industrial waste water into the water.

Hardware technology to the home, how to software services? Sun Chenglei said that if there is a need for local enterprises, the company will respond within 4 hours. After the completion of the project, the company will provide a full set of the checklist, the key system of training, in addition to make regular visits.


(this article is published in "Tongxiang today" and "Tongxiang news network")