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Display "membrane" force, the sewage becomes clear

2016-09-05 11:27:43 zhgl Read

These days, safe environmental protection science and technology limited company deputy general manager Sun Chenglei's mobile phone rang non-stop, Tongxiang's printing and dyeing, fur enterprises are eyeing the "seyfer sewage treatment equipment".

This set of equipment seyfer "can not only greatly reduce the enterprise cost of pollution control, the most amazing is that it can bring the highest sewage COD (chemical oxygen demand) index dropped below 10, and reach the standard of tap water.

Earlier this month, "sewage treatment equipment seyfer" for "integrity provided Puyuan sweater" officially put into use, the sweater enterprises pollution cost from 4 yuan / ton, down to 1.8 yuan / ton. The low cost of pollution not only allow enterprises to move, but also the "seyfer" Kennedy credit broad market in the sewage.

There is gold in the waste water

Every year millions of provincial pollution control fee

Industrial wastewater is a major source of water pollution, according to reports, "12th Five-Year" period, the total investment in industrial waste water treatment is about 125 billion yuan.

Increased regulatory efforts and the improvement of emission standards for industrial wastewater treatment industry provides an opportunity.

"Local governments are now the sewage is required as a hard index of enterprise access, the cost of pollution has become the biggest cost of many enterprises." Sun Chenglei said, assuming an enterprise daily emissions of 2000 tons of sewage, sewage treatment costs 4 yuan / ton, the annual cost of pollution will be close to 3 million yuan.

Sweater, fur, leather is the main industry in Tongxiang, industrial sewage treatment has become the first to solve the problem of enterprise development.

According to statistics, at present, Tongxiang City, heavy pollution and high energy consuming industries 198 enterprises, annual emissions accounted for 85% of the total industrial pollution, the Tongxiang Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau responsible person, such as printing and dyeing industry annual emissions accounted for nearly 65% of the total amount of industrial sewage of Tongxiang.

"Our pollution control equipment costs only 2 yuan / ton, and the treatment process of the waste water can be recycled, very attractive for businesses, which after the completion of the project, many companies have come to us." Sun Chenglei said that in the second half of this year is expected to be much more busy than before.

Tailor made equipment specifications

New technology and equipment less 1/3

In the current sewage treatment market, membrane separation technology has become the mainstream industry, in recent years, has been widely used in many fields of chemical, electronic, food and so on. "Safe" sewage treatment equipment is the use of a variety of membrane separation technology.

Capable of separating technology promotion enterprises in many films in "seyfer" on talent shows itself, is what?

"We have the core technology, is the electrochemical reactor and MBR (membrane bioreactor) supporting the way." Sun Chenglei said, compared with the market mainstream double membrane (UF + RO), "seyfer" provided by the equipment covers an area of 1/3 less, the land in the vicinity, very attractive.

At present, many sewage treatment programs to take the one size fits all, regardless of the size of the enterprise, with the same kind of process and equipment.

"It's like using guns to fight mosquitoes, not only wasteful, the effect may not be good, Hangjiahu area most textile, leather and other small scale enterprises, high equipment investment and operating costs for small and medium-sized enterprises can not afford." Sun Chenglei said.

At present, the "safe" double membrane method in a number of projects in Shaoxing, and in the land resources is more intense in Jiaxing, with less area electrochemical reactor and MBR (membrane bioreactor) supporting equipment.

In addition, the "seyfer" according to the market demand, will launch a special package form, allow enterprises to choose. According to their own needs, you can choose COD (chemical oxygen demand) less than 70, below 10, 200, and other projects." Sun Chenglei said.

Hangzhou Bay City Group

Draw a 8 hour response circle

According to relevant experts, by 2015, China's membrane materials market size will reach 27 billion yuan, the sewage treatment membrane technology market reached 140 billion yuan, is currently more than two times. Broad market prospects, more and more industrial wastewater treatment company began to emerge, "seyfer" as a new enterprise, customer service in service under the foot work.

"A full set of sewage treatment equipment, the price of the most expensive on the 'film', through professional maintenance, can make the life of the film to extend 2 years - 3 years."

In addition, the "safe" service team has set up the concept of response circle for 8 hours, in the Gulf of Hangzhou city group within the enterprise, as long as a phone, "seyfer" service team can arrive within 8 hours, in the Jiaxing area, can arrive in 4 hours.

Reporter notes

Small and medium enterprises affordable

There will be a positive control

There are many kinds of sewage treatment technology, the "safe" technology is not necessarily the most advanced in the industry, but welcome. Because of the enterprise, suitable for their own is the best technology.

Who, who eliminated the pollution reason, we all know; control pollution costs, land factors, and perplex the enterprise constantly. In the land of the Hangzhou Bay area, a small floor area, low cost of pollution control, pollution control equipment can be tailored, instantly captured the hearts of the enterprise.

A technology products, to seize the market demand, to seize the business owners of the mind, but also be able to grasp the future.

Greater future, is the improvement of the environment. This is the reason why I interviewed, recommended this environmentally friendly new products.

This article from the "Hangzhou daily"