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The social responsibility on the shoulders

2016-09-05 11:26:28 zhgl Read

You Jian Ming: have an environment friendly heart

To live in a city, there will always be a sense of attachment to the city, nature, a better vision.

Blue sky, white clouds floating; fresh air, exudes a sweet smell; clear water, friendly people, reflected the flowers blooming like a piece of brocade; tell the story of life...... This is a Limited by Share Ltd in Zhejiang Zhaohui filtering technology President You Jianming beautiful happy new Tongxiang, like a painting.

You Jianming to a personal experience, elaborated on the construction of a beautiful and happy new Tongxiang is not a dream.

Once, especially Ming went to England, where, although many found all kinds of drinks, but the mineral water is hard to find. He asked the local people, where to buy mineral water to buy. The local people at the river, jokingly said, this is the mineral water, scoop up directly, can drink.

In You Jianming view, although this is just a small joke, but it is thought. You Jianming frankly, this just shows that the British living environment is good, the quality is relatively high, which in the invisible to improve the beautiful happiness index. "Since Britain can, Tongxiang can also." You Jian said, despite the current situation in Tongxiang and the dream is still a gap, the water quality is not completely restored, air suffered PM2.5 haze volts, at the same time, in the daily life, roll down the window to throw garbage, spitting toilet, not on the classification of chaos...... There is still time to happen. "Water and air is an objective existence, through the government and social organizations linkage governance, you can return to the ideal state, can be long-term to maintain, rely on is a good habit." You Jianming said that everyone should have a friendly environment, because the beauty of the people involved in the well-being of the people involved, create and infection, at least to do little litter, ground classification, multiple recovery.

As an entrepreneur, how to create a beautiful and happy new Tongxiang, the commitment to social responsibility and play a role model to take the lead? In addition to providing cost-effective, wide application, no pollution products, You Jianming think, should start from their own, to improve environmental awareness. To this end, he also launched an initiative within the enterprise, the requirements of each employee in their own posts, do some of the things that are meaningful to the environment.


                                                      This paper from the "Qianjiang Evening News Tongxiang today"