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"Jie Fu" film - fifteenth 2014 Guangzhou international water show a complete success

2016-09-05 11:24:39 zhgl Read

March 3, 2014 to 5, Southern China first water show "2014 fifteenth Guangzhou International Water Exhibition in Chinese import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex held as scheduled, more than and 300 domestic and foreign well-known exhibitors, the exhibition scale of more than 20 thousand square meters.

"Jeffel membrane", the exhibition brings the company in sewage treatment, wastewater reuse, water supply and household water purifier leading membrane water treatment products and solutions, on-site customer customers in a continuous line, hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane, MBR membrane products, have to staff further asked the price and quality, explore the many potential customers. It is worth mentioning that: the company's household water purification filter, because of its high cost, according to customer requirements, wide application range, etc., to attract a large number of high-quality customers to visit, won the industry favorite.

The film products and wastewater treatment technology jeffel membrane "committed to independent research and development, provide solutions and products of the most preferred and most scientific and most economical for customers, its high strength, high throughput, high oxidation resistance, permanent hydrophilic characteristics, known for the majority of customers, products have been widely used in the field of petrochemical, metallurgy, electroplating, electronics, textile, papermaking, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, rural intensive water treatment, water reuse and environmental protection park.

Through this exhibition, "Jie Fu film" was further recognized by the industry, for the follow-up product promotion and business development to create the conditions.