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"Zhaohui College" ceremony and the "production management" practical class the first phase of the opening ceremony was held successfully

2016-09-05 11:23:04 zhgl Read

In September 6, 2014, the Limited by Share Ltd of Zhejiang Zhaohui Zhaohui filtration technology institute "opening ceremony cum" production management "practical class the first phase of the opening ceremony was held successfully. The College of educational philosophy to German strongman, funded by the enterprise, with professors and professional training enterprise senior management personnel, first-class business school for teachers, through the actual combat simulation, case study, interactive teaching effectiveness of education means to cultivate the enterprise's internal management, high level talents and enterprises for the purpose to meet the supply and marketing cooperative people lifelong learning a new education and training system needs, thereby improving the company staff troop quality, dedicated to create a professional, refinement, standardization, scale and group company.

"Zhaohui College" ceremony presided over by the director of the administrative center of the personnel Wang Jinhe, all middle-level leaders participated in this activity. The opening ceremony of the first executive president Wang Jinhe by the personnel administrative center director, School of the college was established and the background from the school Zhaohui introduced the concept of clear, operation mode, organization structure, training teachers, training mode. Secondly, You Jianming by the company president, Dean of the College of sun Zhaohui established speech. The third item on the agenda by the president of the company, Zhaohui Dean You Jianming and vice president, director of marketing center is jointly "Zhong Zhaohui College inaugurated.

After the opening ceremony was held in the "production management" practical class the first phase of the opening ceremony, and officially opened the school Zhaohui after the establishment of the first period of training prelude.