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At the beginning of the heart does not change, only for "25 years grinding sword"

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Turning to the achievements of many years, President You Jianming believes that the reason is that they have maintained a love of the industry, not the beginning of the heart, with simple, persistent interpretation of the spirit of the craftsman. "China is not a good technology, but focus on a good technology to become a good product. For so many years, we have tried to do this kind of person."

Their filter bags are sold worldwide

Product line extends to various fields

As an engineer, You Jianming founded the beginning of the enterprise, the idea is very simple, that is, to be used in the military field of dust filtration technology used for civil vacuum cleaners. "We are the first company to use this technology to produce vacuum cleaners." He said.

From the "bag" started, "Zhao filter" once again the technology and product extension to solid, gaseous and liquid multiple filtration field.

Today, Zhejiang Zhaohui filtering technology Limited by Share Ltd occupied the world area of sack cleaner 50% to 60% share. Not only household products, and industrial and municipal products, the company's products cover the air purifier industry, household water purifier, to a plurality of field drainage products, special purpose masks, air conditioning PM2.5 filtering material management.

Since last year, the company is committed to the research and development of purification and filtration equipment in environmental governance, try to apply the use of biochemical technology to the field of filtration.

"We only produce the core product of purification filtration, and make the parts suppliers of practical equipment." You Jian said, in 25 years, although experienced several technological revolution, but they are still doing fine and stronger in their own field, has never been involved in other industries and fields. It is with such a perseverance, the private enterprise has been well received by many large domestic and foreign brands of enterprises.

For the need to ensure the quality of products "Zhaohui filter" products sophisticated materials, fine workmanship, so the price is not low. Earlier, their products are not lower than the market price of the products are popular, but also did not cause the attention of domestic and foreign enterprises.

But a few years ago, due to a number of North America has a number of air cleaners in the sampling survey, the number of air purifier brands have been hit. You Jian said: "the problem is a small loophole in the core components of the filter, because they are using a relatively low price, but the process is relatively rough products. And with our products, several major brands have no problem." "Zhao filter" had devoted to this small loophole conducted research, in the process to avoid this problem.

After this, "Zhaohui filter" products are the major air purifier brands in the North American market praise, everyone to use their products. Subsequently, "Zhaohui filtration" product marketing in Europe and America, smoothly.

With the dedication and love ningxinjuli

The spirit of craftsmen to infiltrate the enterprise gene

Speaking of the growth of enterprises, especially Health said, the past bit by bit to tell him, only to maintain a heart, keep the dedication and love, the enterprise can develop. These are not only for my own requirements, but also for my team, the requirements of all employees of the enterprise." He said.

Since last century since 90s, You Jianming and the team every year to carry out a strategic review, for their own future to take the road clear objectives and direction. "These years, every year we do the strategic review and planning, allowing us to avoid many detours, let us keep a rare early heart." You Jianming told reporters.

Over the years, many business operators in the future to earn a pot of gold, took out a lot of money to invest in real estate and other money faster industry, in order to earn more money. But especially health and his team did not do so, but has been quiet down to do boring research, but in order to make a more perfect filter technology and products.

"To keep the beginning, talk about easy, difficult to do." You Jian said, therefore, the enterprise has experienced three major personnel changes. Before and after 1996, early twenty-first Century and 2014, his team has been left, there are people to stay. That you left a mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore Jianming, more suitable for his employees, the honest, perseverance, love of enterprise culture in the enterprise engraved.

"The so-called entrepreneurial spirit, not a person or a person, but the whole team we need a spiritual power." They say you Jian, this line must be able to endure loneliness and sink under the heart.

In the lab, Zhaohui filter "researchers often do the experiment again and again, patiently record relevant data. Some experimental machine operations to do tens of thousands of groups a day, and some experiments are done for one or two years...... Finished the experiment, not necessarily able to produce results. Can not bear the lonely people will leave, only the real love of the field of talent will leave.

Only for each data in order to obtain the dynamic Pennywise, further advance. "Therefore, simple, persistent and love is our corporate culture, but also into the genes of our business." You Jian said, do research and production of filtration technology and product is no shortcut, only verify every assumption, records of every data, it is possible to create the most perfect products, to get market recognition.

This paper from the "Qianjiang Evening News Tongxiang today"