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Zhaohui Party branch to carry out the "two a" learning activities

2016-09-05 11:05:34 zhgl Read

After receiving the Zhenzheng May 13th meeting arrangement "on learning Constitution Party rules, series speech in the town Party members, Party members to be qualified" implementation "of learning education, immediately convene a meeting of Party branch Zhaohui filter, by the branch committee read" two a "learning plan, immediately next branch a quarter of the work of Party building has made the comprehensive deployment, in accordance with the requirements of all members of the study plan and implement process. By filtering the Party branch Zhaohui Publicity Committee presided over the meeting, and requested the Secretary You Jianming speech, asked all members of the leading branch to carry out the "two a" study and education, encourage all Party members should not only be qualified members, to do good masses heart good party. The meeting pointed out that to carry out the "two a" study and education, the core is to implement the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping at the national meeting of the organization, to create "politics, justice, work style" department. Give full play to the birthplace of the party political resources and unique red culture resources, the organization of Party members to carry out re take a road "spirit of experiential field teaching, and arrange" see an exhibition, listen to a party, a party, a concept of feature films, see a red boat, review once the party oath, life seven "a pioneer commitment" to be main content ".

The company should learn education as the focus of the current promotion, make full use of various publicity platform, including television, publicity hall corporate culture propaganda columns, the number of public companies and other media, do the "two a" propaganda and popularization of knowledge work, actively encourage party members with the "Tongxiang red" mobile phone APP, Party building a learning platform, learn the knowledge of the party, carry out each branch group learning "Party member should be known manual", two to learn a commitment signature and commitment on the wall, in a timely manner to reflect the requirements of each branch branch "two a" learning progress every day, party groups push "Zhaohui Lake pilot" the copy of the information, driven by Party Constitution learning the party constitution to create a strong public opinion writing, learning atmosphere.

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