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2016 badminton tournament held Zhaohui

2016-09-05 11:01:28 zhgl Read

In order to further enrich the cultural life of employees, enhance communication, enhance the staff's physical quality and quality of life, enhance the team cohesion. Yesterday afternoon, in the company's new plant employees activity center, the company held the 2016 Zhaohui badminton competition, nearly 30 athletes from various departments participated in the competition.

Although the condition is limited, the indoor temperature is close to 35 degrees, but the players are still full of enthusiasm to participate in the competition. In the course of the game, we have to each, to show its mettle, smash, drop shot, flexible use of various tactics, make the game exciting play, on the sidelines of continuous applause and cheering.

After fierce competition one afternoon, selected the crown, runner up.

This game, let everyone learn skills in physical exercise, at the same time, increase the communication between each other, further we played a positive and enterprising spirit, enhance team cohesion, and achieved good effect.


The men's singles champion: Cao Haigang   Runner up: Flower Fu Sheng   Third: Zou Maosheng

Champion: Wen Mengping runner up: blue Songqin third: Pan Li

The men's doubles champion: Cao Haigang, Wang Zhijie

Runner up: Zou Maosheng, Huang Yijun

Runner up: Zhang Yubo, Wang Jianming

The women's doubles champion: Zhang Meng, Li Rong

Runner up: Pan Li, Xu Xiaoyi

Runner up: Zhong Liwen, Gao Yisha

Fu Sheng, Wen Mengping mixed Champion: Flowers

Runner up: Shen Huabai, Li Rong

Runner up: Zhang Yubo, Cao Xiaoping