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Carry out the night patrol, escort G20

2016-09-05 10:45:56 zhgl Read

Recently, the volunteers were in the Party branch Zhaohui filter "Chongfu guards, safe guard clothes, and the Zhongshan community linkage, night patrols in Chongfu town streets, development zone. They shuttle in the area of the streets, in a timely manner to exclude security risks for the G20 summit escort.

It is understood that, in promoting the "two a" learning and education together on the occasion of the G20 meeting, volunteers who carry out the Party branch Zhaohui filtering regular night patrol activities, "the security guard to the street". In the process of volunteers to patrol, traffic more roads, lanes and potential points of safety guard, the abnormal situation the first time to stop, every corner of their footprints in the street, won wide attention and praise.

The volunteers said, give full play to the role of Party members of the vanguard, not to live up to the trust of the party and the guard will focus on the regional and post implementation, and resolutely do G20 security patrol work, make a contribution to ensure the safety of the summit.

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