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Zhaohui holding company

2016-09-18 14:52:57 zhgl Read

"Sea born moon, a total of the end of the world." Once a year in the Mid Autumn Festival approaching, in order to create a festive atmosphere, enrich the staff's cultural life, "Zhaohui company held to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival" will quiz activities in September 12th three at noon in the factory.

The activities were carried out in a new plant, development zone, the old factory cafeteria door, activities scene crowded, unusually hot, everyone hands with riddles, some looked focused as pensive, some discuss each one airs his own views atmosphere is very lively. Less than an hour, the 400 relates to animal, vegetable and fruit and other items, the title was the active participation of employees away. We have fought the pay, the scene is very spectacular, guessing correctly, to receive their prizes won by wisdom, smile until the end of the event, there are many employees.

Prepare carefully, in order of the organization, each factory staff with the tacit understanding, to ensure the smooth development of a will. The activities to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival "guessing is not only active in the festive atmosphere, but also enrich the staff's cultural life, was warmly welcomed by employees, employees give praise to this activity.