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Industry association leaders to visit our company

2016-09-18 14:59:01 zhgl Read

September 8th afternoon, the Chinese Water Conservancy Enterprises Association desalination branch Guo Youzhi secretary general, China industrial energy conservation and cleaner production association, water conservation and water treatment branch Liu Guoying manager in-depth research and inspection of our company. You Jianming, President of the company, Jiang Tao, director of water treatment technology, accompanied by inspection, and their visit to express a warm welcome.

First of all, in the company administration building held a small meeting, general secretary Guo Youzhi, the Liu Guoying manager told us respectively introduces two association of the background, history, purpose and play in the role of the industry. President You Jianming also introduced the development process, our main business and market, with particular emphasis on the company's strong capability and strong R & D capability of academician workstation, mutual integration, so that the company grows, become a leader in the industry. President You Jianming also mentioned that after the strategy combing, unified strategic principle based wings, implement amoeba management, greatly stimulated the accumulation of employees.

Then, a pedestrian came jeffel factory tour, President You Jianming told the general secretary Guo Youzhi, the Liu Guoying manager introduces the plant layout, production process, the company's flagship product, PVDF hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane, the advantages and the present application situation. Guo Youzhi, the Secretary General of the company's own R & D strategy to give a high degree of appreciation, the performance of our products are fully affirmed. Finally, the Secretary General on the current situation of the film market development and our product planning and market development approach gives valuable guidance.