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In the technology of filtration and separation industry testing center was set up

2016-09-05 11:36:05 zhgl Read

The morning of September 11, 2009, China Technology Market Association Specialized Committee (hereinafter referred to as the filtration and separation technology) "filter material and air filter testing center in Zhejiang Zhaohui filtration technology Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Zhaohui filtration) held the opening ceremony, in the science and Technology Association chairman Wang Yanxi, vice mayor of Tongxiang municipal government Zhou Min, director of the Tongxiang Municipal Science and Technology Bureau Shen Binglin, Chongfu town Tongxiang city party secretary Luo Yongliang and other leaders attended and delivered an important speech.

Wang said, filtration and separation of industrial relations and the people's livelihood, the government and enterprises should work together to promote its healthy development. The first-class enterprise standards, second-class enterprises to do the brand, three enterprises sell their products, the need for the implementation of the development of the enterprise itself, get rid of trade and technical barriers, the Ministry of science and technology Chinese delegate selection and technology support some good prospects for development, technology and scientific research strength of the enterprise for filtration and separation industry standard. After extensive research on the related enterprises in the country, in the science and Technology Association decided to "filter and air filter testing center in Zhaohui filtration, the follow-up will entrust the making of relevant industry standards. The filtration and separation of the industry testing center in Zhaohui filtering mainly based on the following reasons: it is a well-known brand of Electrolux, PHILPS and other international long-term and friendly business, has a more extensive and profound understanding for the internationalization of the industry standard; two is a local government of the strong support of it the three is its development; and Zhejiang University, South China University of Technology and other colleges and universities and scientific research institutions to establish a long-term cooperative relations, production, learning and research combined with good foundation; four is it continue to introduce the research and management will provide strong support for the development of the company; the five is the change always pays attention to the market, test equipment invest a large amount of manpower, material resources and financial resources to upgrade.

Mr. Wang Speaking Test Center sincere words and earnest wishes, success, for filtering is glorious and Zhaohui is encouragement, hope the test center in terms of service excellence, positive enterprising, make an example for brother enterprises, service in the whole society, finally, the king will look towards the Long Hui company will be better tomorrow.

Deputy mayor Zhou at the opening ceremony for a "Congratulations", "thanks two" and "three wishes" important speech: "congratulations on a" Congratulations ", namely Chinese filter material and the air filter testing center" located in Tongxiang, located in Yu Zhaohui. Two thank you, is thanks to our Tongxiang's strong support, the test center can settle in Zhaohui filter plays an important role in promoting the economic development of Tongxiang; two is for technology about Zhaohui filtration, believe that support the association, Zhaohui will go better and more robust. "Three wishes", is a hope service work of the testing center to lay a solid foundation, based in Tongxiang, serving the whole country; the two is that the total especially as an opportunity, through the testing center of the technology platform to Zhaohui filter bigger and stronger, Tongxiang glory, for the glory Chinese; hope to Tongxiang enterprises, science and Technology Association provide more support and help to promote Tongxiang Zhaohui filtration, sustained rapid and healthy economic development.

After carefully listening to the speeches of the leaders, President You Jianming made it clear from the filter in the opening ceremony: the test center of the date of listing within a year for sample inspection and materials science and Technology Association member companies to provide free service. We always warn ourselves, filtration and separation of the relevant technical standards must be representative of the industry to do, should be dedicated, and strive to promote the development of the industry. Shouldering the glorious task of filtration and separation industry standards, but also proud Zhaohui filter a great responsibility, but the company also fully do it! In addition, thanks to the platform's Zhaohui filter, let Zhaohui filter have the opportunity to contribute to the filtration and separation industry, for the society. We will continue to develop Zhaohui, positive enterprising, do not live up to the technology, in the Tongxiang municipal government has always been the concern and support.

Mr. Wang, deputy mayor Zhou were inaugurated as common filter filtration and separation Zhaohui industry testing center on behalf of the Tongxiang Municipal People's Government in the union.