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Zhaohui filter was identified as Zhejiang province enterprise skill talent evaluation standardization system construction base

2016-09-05 11:44:04 zhgl Read

Recently, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of human resources and social security issued the Zhejiang man [2012] document No. 239, published in Zhejiang province enterprise skill talent evaluation standard system construction base list, Zhejiang Zhaohui filtration technology was listed as a Limited by Share Ltd selected units.

Business skills talent evaluation standard system, is the enterprise human resources management system as the basis, to the national occupation standard as the basis, to the post occupation standard as the basis, to the enterprise skilled personnel occupation ability construction as the core, appraisal mechanism for comprehensive evaluation of occupation ability, work performance, professional ethics and other content of the workers. Through the establishment of enterprise talents evaluation system, provide standardized evaluation of working process and working contents for the enterprise, realize the occupation ability of enterprise staff post training and occupation qualification certificate, the new mechanism of Yucai special ability certificate of convergence, more in line with the enterprise of skill talented person's demand, to better promote the construction of high skilled talents enterprises. Continue to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.

The morning sunlight filtering as the selected enterprises, will be in accordance with the working mechanism of training, improve the enterprise's own skill talent evaluation, use of convergence, the implementation of the corresponding incentive policy, work flow and other related requirements for personnel training, the establishment and operation of the enterprise talents evaluation standardization system. In order to gradually build and promote the evaluation system of enterprise skilled personnel to accumulate experience, provide a demonstration.