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You Jian Ming: clean industry leader"

2016-09-05 11:43:07 zhgl Read

Ink Jiangnan, elegant Tongxiang. Beijing Hangzhou the Grande Canale looks like a silver chain, slowly flowing from the middle of Hangjiahu Plain, moist on fertile land, the achievements of the splendid culture. In the old times, Tianbao Feng Shui, Zhejiang Zhaohui filtering technology as a Limited by Share Ltd eager to run children, in the deep humanities moisture in the market, the baptism of wind and rain, continue to thrive.

Dream is the driving force of running, the strategy is to run the best track. One step ahead of the concept of action, one step ahead, the market competition can be a step by step. Over the past 20 years, Zhaohui people have never stopped the pace of progress, the company has undertaken the national torch plan project "ultra low penetration air filtration materials and products", "Zhejiang province technology innovation project of polypropylene nonwoven air filtration materials in a modified process of" Zhejiang Province, a major scientific and technological special "high efficiency, low resistance electret air filtration material for the preparation of key technology research and development" and other major issues. Zhejiang province has won the fine management of demonstration enterprises, the contract and keeping promises units, the integrity of the tax A-class enterprises and business inspection Mianjian enterprises, Tongxiang city in 2004 was named the provincial 100 integrity enterprises in Zhejiang province and hundreds of the most growth potential of the enterprise. In 2005, Tongxiang was listed as the "320 project" emerging enterprises, 2007 in Tongxiang city is listed as "top 100 enterprises", the company leading product "filter materials and products" awarded "Zhejiang famous brand" title, the company established a provincial enterprise technology center, as the national high-tech enterprises. 2010, and Chinese Academy of Engineering Gao Congjie cooperation, the establishment of the academician expert workstation, etc..

Dream is the driving force of running: China's "filtration and separation" industry's new miracle

He, with his interest in the paper, the vacuum cleaner all family property "pioneering" at that time no one involved in the dust filter bag production. Industry 4000 yuan start-up capital, 8 people, 1 unheard of -- "filtration and separation", especially when the company founder Jian Ming put these three seemingly unrelated elements together, they created a new "miracle Chinese filtration and separation industry. From a "bag" started, to the "bag bag" experts, his attempt to adhere to and expand the establishment of China's "filtration and separation" of the industry standards.

In 1982, he began to think about how to solve the problem of poor effect of air purification, and began to collect, access to relevant and filtering of literature, and from that moment, separation and this industry society unheard of at the time that he was officially attached to the filter. In 1987, he gave up a relatively stable work and business, engaged in during the filtration and separation of related work has been haunting dreams. A LG vacuum cleaner attracted machinery he was born, disposable paper filter system using the cleaner got him thinking, is this a chance, this is a "paper bag" finally let him find the entry point into the filtration and separation industry. In 1989, after repeated trial production, he successfully developed the first batch of paper dust collector dust filter bag, vacuum cleaner accessories to fill the gaps in the domestic market. Through market research, he decided to set up factories in the production, through continuous innovation and forge ahead, from the original first order 50 thousand "bag" to start now enterprises gross industrial production and sales have exceeded 300 million yuan. He in the filtration and separation industry MOPA roll has gone through more than and 20 years.

At the beginning of 90s, the paper cleaner dust collecting bag is the company's leading products, is the only source of sales income, then the management target of the enterprise is mainly for orders for survival, fortunately, after several years of efforts the problem was finally resolved. In 1996, the first non textile wet line, Zhaohui began to establish production base of special filter materials themselves, enterprise products has gradually been part of the United States and Japan customers market recognition through strict quality inspection. In 1998, he led the company successfully developed a number of technical backbone paper dust filter bag automatic production line, which provides a substantial increase in production efficiency but also for the stability of the product quality, enterprise products to enter the European market. The same year, Tongxiang filtering material Co. Ltd. was established, Zhaohui officially started filtering group (device), filter material production and sales. With the continuous expansion of market share and the growing strength of enterprises, in 2002 officially changed its name to Tongxiang Zhaohui filter products Co. ltd.. Over the next few years, the company will focus on the continuous extension of the product line and the continuous improvement of the product value chain. In 2003 opened the ultra-fine glass fiber filter material production line; in 2004 the establishment of the Tongxiang City Jianmin Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd.; in 2005 to complete the implementation of ultrafine meltblown non-woven with static electricity production projects; the same year, the establishment of the Shanghai multiple filtration technology Co. Ltd., in order to filter and application of separation technique to bio pharmaceutical industry. 2007, through the merger of the acquisition of Hangzhou Jie Fu Membrane Technology Co., Ltd., started to build a membrane filtration material R & D team, and actively preparing to enter the liquid phase filter, especially in the field of water treatment. In the same year, on the basis of the existing enterprises after restructuring, Zhejiang Zhaohui filtration technology Limited by Share Ltd formally established, the success of the project total investment of 160 million yuan of annual output of 10 thousand tons of special filter paper, filter 30 million "project, the new factory covers an area of 158 acres of land to complete the formalities of examination and approval. In 2008, Tongxiang city China filtering material Co Ltd is the Ministry of science and technology as a key high-tech enterprise of national torch plan. In 2009, the only one by Chinese filtration and separation industry association found that "filtering material and the air filter testing center in Zhaohui was founded, the new plant construction began to start. After careful planning, in 2010, is located in Shanghai's marketing center built and put into use, the enterprise and the international and domestic markets more closely linked, more convenient.

Strategy for the running position: "to do environmental governance industry, to do the responsibility of manufacturing enterprises, and gradually grow into the world's outstanding enterprises"

After 20 years of accumulation of technology and market, Zhaohui plays a leading role in domestic filtration and separation industry, but has not been lax Zhaohui step forward, because with the rising share of enterprise products, vacuum cleaner accessories market capacity tends to saturation in the international and domestic market, an urgent need to solve the problem need to face the next Zhaohui Zhaohui, how should set up enterprise's strategic positioning, how to adjust the company's industrial layout. A strong sense of crisis brought him new thinking, but also prompted him to begin to pay attention to and explore new market segments in the filtration and separation industry.

In recent years, with the continuous development of the economy, followed by some ecological and environmental problems, such as deterioration of water quality pollution, air and solid waste accumulation, they have a serious impact on people's quality of life and even threaten the safety of people's life. He deeply felt the people's awareness of environmental protection and environmental protection products for the needs of more and more strong, but also clearly recognized in the field of environmental protection in China's technology research and development, manufacture and market application level relative to Europe and other developed countries, there is a big gap. There are products and technical requirements, potential customers and the market, growth and development of space, and it is useful to the society, in the face of these favorable conditions, he decided the strategic positioning of Zhaohui is set to "do the environmental governance of industrial manufacturing, do have the responsibility of enterprises, and gradually grow into the world's best the enterprise", hope that through comprehensive use of filtration, separation, catalysis and adsorption technology of four let everyone live in green and clean environment, enjoy a healthy and happy life. Corresponding with good vision, enterprise mission is Zhaohui clean environment, create a green future, provide solutions to environmental problems the most scientific, the most effective and economical solutions and products, so that everyone can better participate in the action to protect the environment. The company also established the industrial development plan, since the beginning of 2011, Zhaohui will begin to implement its fifth five year plan, continue to consolidate position in the home appliance enterprises at the same time filtration market gradually into the industrial waste gas and wastewater emissions control, family business and purification of drinking water, food and pharmaceutical industry, "three net filtration car" for other related fields, after several years of development the Zhaohui truly become a recognized international and domestic market with respect to the company in environmental protection industry.

Experience is wealth, have a look tomorrow. 23 years of growth, from experience of entrepreneurial passion, write a wonderful music. The history of 23 years, created a unique corporate Zhaohui quality, that is "the Janus pointed out, the heroic spirit is invincible", "do not take the unusual way" bold and innovative "temperament, open atmosphere, exquisite harmony" elegant demeanor. The morning sunlight will always keep the pace of development of sustained, healthy, quality cast excellence, with excellent brilliance!