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Academician workstation for enterprise with think tank

2016-09-05 11:38:44 zhgl Read

Recently, Zhejiang Zhaohui filtration technology Limited by Share Ltd project technical exchange on the "domestic nanofiltration membrane product development" will be held. In addition to the company's research team in addition to the company, as well as from the Chinese Academy of engineering and innovative service team.

Academician workstation set up more than two years, such a technical exchange will be held regularly in the enterprise has gradually formed the norm.

In early 2010, "Zhao filter" academician workstation has emerged. Academician workstation innovation service team members, not only from the Chinese Academy of Engineering Gao Congjie, as well as domestic experts and experts in the field of.

"Through the development of recent years, enterprises in technological innovation often encountered technical bottlenecks, some key research projects also need to tackle." Talking about the original intention of establishing academician workstation, "Zhao filter" general manager You Jianming said, enterprises have the academician workstation, is equipped with a "think tank" for the enterprise, so that enterprises in the technology suffered ceiling on the occasion, see the dawn of hope.

Strong scientific research team, extensive contacts in the field of radiation professionals, advanced technical means, the resource sharing between domestic and foreign partners...... You Jianming told reporters, in addition to the specific technical guidance, academician workstation for enterprises to bring is an intangible asset, but also for enterprises to open a new window.

Rely on academician workstation innovation service team of scientific research, in recent years, "Zhao filter" not only successfully declared the Zhejiang provincial major science and technology projects, research and development of PM2.5 filter, air purifier and membrane filtration products, but also by the academician workstation innovation service team and enterprise jointly completed. "Joint efforts domestic nanofiltration membrane product development" this project in the Academy innovation service team, preliminary success. With Academician workstation more in-depth cooperation, "Zhao filter" is the direction of development in the air and water filtration industry.

Team into the enterprise, through mutual cooperation, not only help enterprises breakthrough "ceiling", "good ideas" for the enterprise more, accelerate the transformation of scientific research. Next, we will make good use of the platform academician workstation, accelerate the pace of scientific and technological innovation.



                                                                   (today Tongxiang reporter: Zhong is published in this paper in "today's Tongxiang" and "Tongxiang news network")