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Talents to help enterprises to innovate

2016-09-05 11:37:20 zhgl Read

The day before, as the end of autumn recruitment, Zhejiang Zhaohui filtration technology Limited by Share Ltd successfully will be more than 10 technical personnel recruited under. It is worth mentioning that this batch of technical talent not only has a master's degree, but also the outstanding talent of the filter industry.

In November 14th, "Zhao filter" "high filtration materials and application of innovation team, passed the technical innovation team of key enterprises in Jiaxing review.

In recent years, "Zhao filter" talent team construction, with particular emphasis on science and technology talent recruitment and reserves. "At present, our technology innovation team a total of more than and 70 people, of which 3 doctoral, master's reached more than 40. The number of people accounted for more than half of the entire team." Sun Chenglei, director of the office of the President's.

According to Sun Chenglei introduction, the core members of the entire technology innovation team, mainly from Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Zhejiang University and other universities. The science and technology innovation team "gas" and "liquid" two research group, were led by a PhD, perennial technology research.

Superior development platform for these high-end talent to create an open and broad space for development. And this group of outstanding talent for the enterprise has also brought gratifying results of science and technology innovation.

This year, the company applied for a total of more than 10 patents, it is due to the high standard of the entire technical innovation team, high efficiency product development capabilities. Not long ago, a successful application developed by the team in PTFE film PM2.5 in industrial waste gas emission control key technology covering the filter material, has achieved a major scientific and technological items in Zhejiang province.

"Scientific and technical personnel for our company's development speed, and the company also provides them with the stage of the show. This is the result of 'win-win'." Sun Chenglei told reporters.


(today Tongxiang trainee reporter Zhong Xiaoyi from the November 19, 2012 "Tongxiang today" Fourth Edition)