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Technical center of the company was named the provincial technical center"

2016-09-05 11:33:16 zhgl Read

In 2012, the company actively responded to the call of "technology leading, transformation and upgrading", and vigorously create innovative platform, and made some achievements. After the application of material preparation, organization, publicity and other aspects of the respondent, in October 2012, the list of Zhejiang Provincial Technology Center released, our company is one of them, which is following the "academician workstation" and "Jiaxing innovation team" innovation platform, the company is another important platform for innovation.

Enterprise technology center reporting is not only an enterprise for a long time to test the ability of innovation, but also for the future development of the enterprise to promote and promote. A provincial enterprise technology center, we must strengthen the management and assessment, enrich and improve the existing technology development institutions, increase the investment in technology development, cultivate a high level of technical development team, to accelerate the development of new products, new technology enterprises, the real core of the enterprise technology innovation system.

Company technology center was identified as the provincial technical center, marking the company's technological innovation capability, and to a new level. The company will take this opportunity to further improve and strengthen the construction of the technical center, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, improve the capability of independent innovation, constantly forming innovation, the technology innovation has become a powerful driving force for sustainable development of enterprises.