Academician team introduced

Academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, Professor, doctoral tutor.

From April 1984 to the State Oceanic Administration, Hangzhou water treatment technology research and development center; 1991 researcher, former chief engineer of water treatment, research and development center, deputy director of science and Technology Committee Chairman; in 1993 won the national outstanding young experts, in 1995 was elected as academician of Chinese Academy of engineering. Since 1998, he is a professor and doctoral supervisor of Ocean University of China, and director of the engineering research center of the Ministry of education and water treatment technology. Since 2013, he was a full-time academician of Zhejiang University of Technology, Dean of Marine College, Zhejiang University of Technology, engaged in the research and development of functional membrane and engineering technology. The separation of research and development work in film, and has participated in the organization, undertaken and completed the national, Zhejiang province and the State Oceanic Administration more than and 10 key projects, including the national and Zhejiang province "75", "85" science and technology research on asymmetric composite membrane and group is developed and four special projects, the development project of CTA hollow fiber film, composite film for about two key materials and film-forming mechanism supported by the National Natural Science Foundation, a charged membrane and its performance study of returned overseas students in scientific and technological activities funded projects, the research of multicomponent alloy membrane, and nanofiltration membrane research and engineering development etc.. National 973 and 863 and the National Natural Science Fund project, membrane separation and preferential adsorption and promote transfer, membrane and biochemical and catalysis, membrane and water resources and environment, film and clean production and green chemistry and other aspects of the work together. Study on the success of the CTA hollow fiber reverse osmosis membrane and device and industrialization, benefit; new varieties of film developed aromatic polyamide composite reverse osmosis membrane, charged membrane and multiple alloy film and several kinds of different pore size and hydrophilicity and applied research; presided over the National Natural Science Foundation on the synthesis of TMC and amine function in the composite film of two projects, with a new monomer and develop new functions to promote the domestic development of functional film; in the earliest of nanofiltration, the development of a number of nanofiltration membrane, new technology and successfully applied in some industry in. "Domestic reverse osmosis equipment and engineering technology development" was awarded the 1992 National Science and technology progress award. Another provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress one or two, three and other awards more than and 10. The report of the meeting and published more than 200 papers, and translated 1 books and periodicals, edited by books, 4 copies, three copies of which is one of the chief editor.

Zhou Yong: Zhejiang University of Technology, professor.

Mainly engaged in the research work of reverse osmosis nanofiltration membrane materials / development, film-forming mechanism. During the work, presided over the provincial and ministerial level more than 10 projects, the application of more than 20 patents, authorized 15; published more than and 30 papers, joint training master's degree 9, six of whom are outstanding.

2010 year 151 talent project second new century Zhejiang province level training personnel; Chinese was elected in 2011 of seawater desalination and water reuse Association and membrane technology Specialized Committee vice chairman; in 2011 12th Five-Year the Ministry of science and technology key project "high performance membrane material" the responsibility of expert group of experts; in 2011 sixth session of the high tech Zone in 2012 won the three top ten youth; award of Zhejiang Province Natural Science Academic Award (ranked 1) and China National Chemical Corp Chinese Chemical Patent Award (No. 2).