Workstation effect

Since the academician expert workstation station, the company successfully applied to become a technology center in Zhejiang province enterprise technology team was named the technology innovation team of Jiaxing City, a total of 22 patents, including 12 invention patents, 8 utility model patents, patent 2. Authorized invention patents 4, the utility model patents 7, the appearance of patent licensing 2.

Take Zhejiang province "1 major projects" the key technology in PTFE application development film PM2.5 in industrial waste gas emission control and filter, scientific and technological cooperation projects in Tongxiang City, 2 enterprises, 6 projects: "independent domestic water purification by nanofiltration membrane based research", "home of PES ultrafiltration membrane industry, research and development" "industrial dust with PTFE coated materials", "indoor air purification HEPA PTFE coating materials", "high dust holding materials R & D and industrialization", "PP" mask material development.